Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

LuxeeForex sets the highest standards with respect to our clients, partners, or any other counterparties’ privacy. Under no circumstances, unless under court decision or legal request, can the data be disclosed.


All client data are protected by an SSL-encrypted connection to our Area at It is highly unlikely that this encryption will be broken by any third party.


When you open a real account, certain personal information is required. This information allows us to estimate your financial needs, process your requests and transactions, and keep you informed about our upcoming products and services.

Required information may include: full name, address, and birth date. In some cases we might require confirmation of your identity, as Outlined the Customer Agreement. This includes passport or driver’s license, or any other ID and proof of residential address.

Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) regulations require financial institutions to collect information and take action where necessary, to verify a customer’s identity.


We use a technology called “cookies”, which enables us to provide you with a better experience in using our website by sending small text files from our servers to your computer. These cookies do not track your private information.


We may share some or all of the personal information described above with our affiliates to service client accounts or inform clients of new products and services. Our affiliates may include companies controlled or owned by us, as well as companies that have an ownership interest in our company. Our affiliates maintain the privacy of your information in the same manner and to the same extent as we do, and by this privacy policy.


We do not disclose your personal information to third parties, except as described in this privacy policy. Third-party disclosures may include sharing such information with non-affiliated companies that perform support services for your account.


Disclosure of your personal information might be necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations. This may include disclosing personal information to cooperate with regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies, as may be necessary to protect our property or rights.


We do not keep nor store, in any form, customer payment information.

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